Aluminum Begemot ™ step ladders: lightness, stability, reliability!


The upright attachment point is assembled from steel with a thickness of 1,5 mm and fixed with 5  reliable steel rivets (diameter of the main rivet is 9 mm)

The cross fastenings are rigidly flared.

There are plastic caps on the leg ends that prevent slipping and damage to floor surface.

Choose your ladder:
Ladder4 steps5 steps6 steps7 steps8 steps
Item No.2220022201222022220422203
Weight, kg3,94,25,16,06,75
h, m0,871,091,311,541,74
H, m2,873,093,313,543,74
A, m0,460,490,520,550,58
B, m0,820,981,141,291,45
Price, UAH827,00979,001117,001291,001403,00
The ladders with 7 and 8 steps are supplied with durable safety harness.

The Begemot ™ step ladders are compact, durable and convenient to use!

The security bar (605 мм) is made in the full-size version

Watch the video and see for yourself
Remember to observe safety regulations when using the step ladder

Reliable BEGEMOT tm step ladders Made in Ukraine!


The aluminum BEGEMOT tm step ladders

are subject to annual testing and conformity

assessment in the Ukrainian products

certification authorities.

The aluminum BEGEMOT tm step ladders

have a certificate of conformity

№ UA.PN.060.03226-16


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Reliable aluminum

BEGEMOT tm step ladders

produced in Ukraine since 2004



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